Welcome to Live Trading the Way It Should Be

John Jagerson and Wade Hansen aren’t your typical trading “gunslingers”, who promise Las Vegas-style action – and deliver little else.

Few people are cut out for – and even fewer people profit from – frantic day-trading.

That’s why John Jagerson and Wade Hansen’s Turbo Trader Live combines the benefits of live trading with a more measured pace, virtually guaranteed to help make you a more successful trader.

As much coaches as they are traders, John and Wade excel at teaching the craft of trading.

You will understand and have confidence in every trade you make at Turbo Trader Live – not just in the execution, but also all the valid reasons for making that trade in the first place.

What’s more, Turbo Trader Live isn’t just some one-way street where “gurus” bark orders to “buy this” and “sell that.”

Turbo Trader Live is a fully interactive experience, where your opinions, contributions and questions aren’t only accepted, but encouraged and valued, as well.

John and Wade are passionate in their belief that a live trading experience is only as valuable as the sum of all its parts. Beyond the profits, a live trading room should be fun – buoyed by the understanding that “we’re all in this together.”

That’s how we’ve structured Turbo Trader Live – and we know you’ll enjoy and profit from your experiences there.

It all starts at 8:30 Eastern Time. You can wander in any time between then and 9:00 – chatting with fellow traders; exchanging “war stories;” getting ready for the day.

Then John and Wade get the ball rolling at 9:00. Consider this the “set-up” for the trading ahead.

They’ll cover yesterday’s market action; key news events; and set the stage for what you’ll be doing when the market opens.

Then when the bell rings on Wall Street, you’re ready to trade. No rush. No hype. No shouting.

Just a well-prepared discussion of each trade you’re making. The fundamental reason behind the trade. And especially important, what technical analysis is telling John and Wade about the right way to structure each trade for optimum short-term profits.

Sometimes traders will buy “call” or “put” options. Other times they’ll trade “spreads” or use different appropriate strategies. All clearly explained, defined and “teed up” for you.

Allowing time for proper explanation – plus give-and-take with members — expect 2, maybe 3 trades a day, on average, that you can expect to close within a few days.

When 10:00 rolls around, John and Wade will wrap it up and you can enjoy the rest of your day – knowing each trade is working hard to make you profits of $500, $1,000, or more.

John and Wade, of course, will keep an eye on everything – and notify you between trading sessions whenever it’s time to exit a trade and bank your profits.

That’s Turbo Trader Live in a nutshell. We welcome you to enjoy the full experience!