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How to Use Technical Price Patterns to Target Fast Profits

Price Patterns are proven "snapshots" of exactly what's happening in the market at any given point in time. They can tell you when momentum will drive a hot stock even higher. They can tell you when a trend is about to stall. They can warn you of imminent reversals. And much more.

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How to Trade Vertical Spreads for Maximum Profits

There are times when spread trades are the perfect choice for high-probability profits. Intuitively, traders know that – spreads are one of the most-requested topics in our live coaching sessions. Once you know the ropes, spreads are simple, and you're virtually guaranteed to be a more successful trader.

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Options 101: Going Long with Calls and Puts

Buying puts and calls are the most popular options trading strategies -- but are also prone to big mistakes by non-pro traders. This concise report gives you tips and techniques to do it right for fast profits.

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Recent Winners
AAPL Call Debit Spread
86.3 % profit
Mar 23, 2017
Apr 04, 2017
TSLA Call Debit Spread
65.4 % profit
Mar 28, 2017
Apr 04, 2017
JWN Put Debit Spread
29.2 % profit
Mar 29, 2017
Apr 06, 2017
What others are saying
  • “Wow, I sure do appreciate [your] website and especially the fantastic lessons and courses. I love your whole system, the presentation is very intuitive and efficient, the content is just perfect for the way I learn.”
    — B.C.
  • “I have been trading directional options for 9 years. I have seen numerous offers from hundreds of companies and your claim is the first I have seen that actually works. Keep up the good work and thanks for your service. I look forward to our relationship and building a friendship. Thanks again.”
    — C.J.T.
  • “I’ve taken a lot of courses over the years. And I actually thought I was pretty smart. What [John and Wade] showed me is how to apply trading knowledge in the real world.”
    — M.S.
  • “John’s analysis of XOM and BP and bond CDS’s was fabulous, this is perhaps the best presentation among many excellent ones from Mr. Jagerson! You have outdone yourself!”
    — J.H.
  • “I look forward to the daily market commentary every day. Paying attention to the day by day details has without a doubt improved my trading skills. All I can say is thanks.”
    — D.B.
  • “Thanks for the $1,375 just made on HBI. I'm Living proof that you’re never too old to achieve success trading options online.”
    — R.G.
  • “… my knowledge and skills are growing by the week. It’s also a reminder of the dumb mistakes I’ve made in the past, but with a little luck and your instruction, I should be on the road to portfolio recovery and greater financial freedom.”
    — D.H.
  • “Good honest analysis of the market, and explanation of terms and types of trades with examples helps a lot for a part timer like myself.”
    — Skeanthu
Introducing John & Wade

John Jagerson

A private equity veteran, John Jagerson has carved a second career as a coach and trading partner with thousands of individual traders. He has a knack for making complex subjects easy – and brings a calm demeanor to help your trading, even in the most difficult market conditions. John is co-editor of SlingShot Trader; co-founder of PFX Global and Learning Markets; and co-author of Profiting with Forex.

Wade Hansen

Wade Hansen was formerly a managing partner at Ouroboros Capital Management. Today, he is a leading proponent of using education and coaching to help level the playing field for individual traders. Wade is co-editor of SlingShot Trader; co-founder of Learning Markets; and co-author of Profiting with Forex.

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